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Rosemont Part 6: In Memoriam of Kittens

Fearless for tuna

As I’ve mentioned before, there are a heck of a lot of kittens in the Rosemont cat colony. I’m working out a plan to try to save them (sterilize the un-socialized ones and try to get the socialized ones adopted), but putting this plan in place requires, funding, adoption opportunities, veterinary assistance, fostering of kittens for several weeks, and a huge time commitment.

With any luck, I’ll be able to start trapping the kittens next weekend.It shouldn’t be much of a challenge to trap them because, as it is, I can’t keep them out of the traps!

As time goes by, the kittens are getting older and less likely to be socialized for adoption.

Also, as time goes by, some kittens are dying and it’s devastating that I’m not able to help them in time. From what the neighbours whose apartments boarder the alley have told me, we’ve lost four since I started TNR for this colony.

First, there was this little guy:

In memoriam

Though some kind neighbours do put out food for the cats, the poor kitten was skin and bones. A caring man took him into his apartment to try to nurse him back to health, but the kitten was so starved that he would barely move and he vomited whatever he ate. Another caring neighbour took the kitten to her local vet (which is a rare and wonderfully compassionate act in this low-income neighbourhood). $300 and a lot of time and effort later, the kitten was euthanized — they just couldn’t revitalize him.

Warning: This following paragraph contains gruesome facts. Skip to the next paragraph if you’re prefer not to read how the other three kittens died. A few posts ago, I mentioned that two litters of kittens were born about three weeks ago. One of those litters had three kittens in it. A woman placed them in an open box on her back porch and the mother was feeding them there. When I was trapping this past Wednesday, the woman come over to tell me the terrible news. When she woke up the previous morning, she found two of the kittens dead in the box and the third was nowhere to be found. The two dead kittens had been disemboweled, slits right down their bellies. We have no idea who did this: a cat, a raccoon, a human?

I’m pretty upset, to say the least. I think about these four poor kittens a lot. I try not to think about them because I need to focus on the TNR project and helping the rest of the cats and kittens in the Rosemont colony, but memories of these kittens keep flooding my thoughts. I desperately wish that I could have done something differently and saved them, that they hadn’t been born into the alleyway in the first place, that humans took good care of cats, that I can save the remaining kittens before some other horrible event occurs.

One step at a time, right? For now, I’d just like to put the word out there to all of you to, please, sterilize your cats and don’t abandon them.

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